Remembering Maxine Bell

5 thoughts on “Remembering Maxine Bell”

  1. Although i only got to meet her a couple times,I will always remember her as Such a sweet,loving,intelligent,strong woman.
    She will be greatly missed.
    Rest In Peace Aunt Maxine

  2. I always loved seeing your mom, Judi. In her dustinctive and upbeat voice she always posed a good question or shared a theory. Always interested in the lives of your friends. She was so encouraging and appreciative of every stage of our journeys. She’ll be missed. Rest in peace, Maxine.

  3. Dear Aunt Max,
    You always seemed to be one step ahead, and you expected us to be the same. That distinctive laugh, which was a mixture of Gran daddy’s husky room-filling chuckle, and Mother Dear’s proper and lady-like engagement! You always had some way-back memories of every one of us, like the time I threw up in the back of your car taking mama back to San Antonio. I was just a baby half a century ago, but you remembered like it was yesterday. I remember you letting me drive your car to go to the movies, and telling me stories of the times you spent with my dad, when you were just toddlers yourself. I always admired your sweetness and your ever willingness to share a laugh or good memory, or some needed advice that you knew would make me the wiser in any situation I found myself in.
    You always made me know that you were proud of me and my potentials, and part of me belonged to you, but most of all . . . we shared the same blood and we would always be connected somehow . . . always.
    Love you Aunt Max,

  4. I am saddened to hear about the passing of this remarkable woman. Maxine was always extremely kind to my family and me when we visited the home of the Lavatus Powell, Jr. family. I shall never forget her kind hospitality when I stayed with them in Cleveland, OH while I was going on interviews for a teaching position in that city.

    The last time I saw Maxine was at Robin’s wedding in Martha’s Vineyard but we stayed in touch via Facebook for several years.

    Blessings to all of her family and friends!

    Cousin Al Hall

  5. So sorry to hear about Aunt Maxine. When I think about her I remember how I always thought as a kid that she was so brave. She was always doing things I’d have been too afraid to try. She didn’t mind jumping out and trying something. That is how I will remember her: out front, trying something none of the rest of us would dare, being brave. After all, that’s what life is about. Love and fond memories to you all. Sonya

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